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Search for hot keyword
  • Click the hot keywords recommended by KYP
  • Possible to check the product list of related keywords
Advanced search (Products/Buying Leads/Companies in common)
  • By selecting keyword, category, nation, the period of registration and special information of members you wish to find, a detailed search can be conducted.
General Search(Products/Buying Leads/Companies in common)
  • Keyword
    • Choose one tap among Products/Buying Leads/Companies
    • When you choose and search by specific category and nation information, you are only able to check the relevant result with the necessary conditions.
    • The main keyword starting with the related alphabet can be recommended through the automatic keyword search function
    • Possible to check the list of related parts when you click the other tap on the result list
  • Category
    • Choose one tap among Products/Buying Leads/Companies
    • Change the category on the left according to the selected contents and then it is possible to move 1 or 2 recommended category list.
    • When you click ‘Categories of ~’ on the top left from the result list, it is possible to move to other 1 or 2 recommended category list
re-search within the results (Products/Buying Leads/Companies in common)
  • Location : re-search by nation
  • Related Search : re-search by related keywords
  • re-search by keywords within the list
  • Possible to search only the list of Verified Members and Gold/Silver Members