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Terms & Conditions

Korea Yellow Pages Co., Ltd. And its website shall be referred to as “KYP” hereafter.
Under the following terms and conditions (hereafter “Agreement”), KYP shall provide various products and services (hereafter “Service”).
Since the Agreement contains legal obligations, read it carefully.
  1. 1. Agreement

    By using service, you agree to this Agreement and other service conditions without any limitation or reservation.

  2. 2. Conditions and Limitations

    Using service means abiding by the Agreement. You agree that when you fail to stick to this Agreement, KYP can stop you from using service.

    All decisions about service are KYP’s own rights and can be made without prior or posterior notice. If KYP finds you damages KYP, KYP users, or others related to KYP, KYP can stop you from using service.

  3. 3. Registration & Privacy

    Some services require you to register and provide data. You promise that all information you provide is true, accurate and complete and will be updated as time passes by. If your information is wrong, inaccurate or incomplete, or KYP has reasonable doubt that your information is wrong, inaccurate or incomplete, KYP can stop or delete your account or disable your service use partially or entirely.

    KYP and relevant parties shall have the ownership of all information registered with KYP. KYP reserves rights to use or reuse your information for any registration. According to KYP’s guideline, you can modify or delete your information anytime.

  4. 4. Limitation on Members and Users

    When you sign up, you will have your KYP ID and password. You are obliged to keep your ID and password confidential and take full responsibility for what happens to you by using your ID and password. You agree that when your account is used illegal by a third party, you will inform KYP of this immediately and log out KYP safely whenever you finish using KYP service. KYP does not take any responsibility for consequences that take place because you do not follow this condition.

    You agree that you take full responsibility for information that you provide. This means you, not KYP will be held responsible for all information you upload, register or transfer by e-mail or other methods. KYP cannot control information produced by your or third party’s use of KYP service and dose not guarantee the accuracy, consistency and quality of such information. You agree that you can be exposed to aggressive, unfriendly and unreasonable information by using KYP service. Unless KYP is found to be responsible, KYP will not take any responsibility for any damage or harm caused by your or third party’s defected information. Generally, KYP does not verify your or third party’s information if it is not generated by automated software. However, KYP reserves rights to verify information. KYP reserves rights to monitor or not to monitor whether you abide by the service agreement or KYP’s other regulations.

    Banned Activity
    When you use KYP service, you agree that you will not use KYP service for followings.
    • - Upload or transfer illegal or offensive pornographic information.
    • - Collect other users’ information to for illegal purposes.
    You agree that KYP and a person designated by KYP can delete any information or make it unavailable without prior notice for any reason at their own discretion.
    For the violation of the Agreement, KYP can stop the use of KYP or cancel your membership. You agree that you will check the accuracy, completeness, availability and other all aspects of information and take risks of such information. In this regard, you will not trust information generated or created with KYP’s service.
    You recognize and agree expressly that KYP can make information unavailable to comply with legal requirements or the Agreement,
    to cope with a third party’s claim, or to keep KYP, KYP users or the general public safe. You recognize and agree that as for technical services related to you and your information, changes can be made to keep KYP compatible with other communication networks.
    If you don’t use service for a long time, KYP can stop your account temporarily or permanently. For example, if you don’t log in to KYP for a certain period of time, your account can be suspended. For more information, refer to KYP user’s rule.
  5. 5. License about Member’s Web Page and User Information

    By transferring web pages to KYP or KYP’s other web hosting services, you grant KYP a royalty-free, non-exclusive, unlimited, usable, copiable, openly-editable license. Such license shall be applied to all types of media or technology in the present or future. This condition shall be valid as long as you keep your membership with KYP. You recognize and agree that KYP reserves rights to post advertisements on your web page. Such advertisements include banners and pop-up windows. The type, method, frequency and extent of advertisements are subject to change.

  6. 6. Limit of Responsibility

    Information on the web site can be inaccurate or defective, and can be changed or updated without notice.
    KYP does not represent any web sites you visit through KYP. You should understand that the non-KYP web site you visit through KYP is independent from KYP and KYP has no control over such site.

    Also, linking to other web sites does not mean KYP agrees that KYP will take responsibility for information, products services on such sites.

    Under any circumstances, KYP will not take any responsibility for direct, indirect, special or other derived damages caused by using this site or linked sites.
    Damages include profit losses, work stoppage, program or data defect, or all kinds of losses.

    KYP provides information as it is, and does not contain any implied warranty about including but not limited to marketability, suitability for certain purposes, or harmlessness. Since there are jurisdictions that do not allow exclusion of implied warranty, this condition may not apply to you.