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Korea Yellow Pages Co., Ltd. And its website shall be referred to as “KYP” hereafter.
KYP fully recognizes the importance of your personal information and has the following privacy policy, which is the base of online information management and reflects KYP’s obligation to protect personal information. By using KYP, you agree to the following privacy policy.

  1. 1. Protection of Personal Information

    Since your KYP member information is protected with your password, only you can access to your personal information with your KYP ID and password.

    However, you should be careful not to expose your password to others. Especially, you should take extra care when you use a PC that is shared with others.

    You should not share your ID and password with others and change your password often. KYP does its best to protect personal information but does not take any responsibility for damages caused by your own mistake or basic vulnerability of the Internet.

  2. 2. Collection and Use of Personal Information

    When you sign up for KYP, KYP requests you to provide your company name, contact person, login information and product directory, and can collect information about user’s product such as product pictures.

    However, just because you do not provide optional information, KYP does not refuse to provide basic service. Also, for special service, KYP can request you for additional information. The more information you provide for KYP, the useful customized service KYP can deliver to you.

    When KYP is requested by investigators or other government offices to provide your information to protect legal, proprietary or other rights, KYP can provide your information to law enforcements or other parties.

  3. 3. Maintenance and Disposal of Personal Information

    While you use KYP’s service as a KYP member, KYP holds and uses your personal information. However, when you decide to unsubscribe, your personal information is deleted in an unrecoverable way so that nobody can see or use your personal information again

  4. 4. Access to Information

    You should be aware that visitors to KYP or websites linked to KYP can collect your information. This policy does not apply to websites linked to KYP when they collect your personal information.

  5. 5. Information Disclosure

    Generally, KYP does not disclose your personal information. However, when you agree to disclosure, the law requests or disclosure is thought to be necessary because of other appropriate reasons, your personal information can be disclosed. Also, when KYP thinks it is necessary to disclose your information to identify those who violate the service agreement or can damage KYP’s rights or assets, or other KYP users or others; and take necessary legal measures for them, KYP can disclose your information.

  6. 6. Personal Information Sharing

    When you are requested to provide your information, your information shall be held only by KYP unless specified otherwise. However, for example, to provide joint service with KYP’s contractors, KYP needs to share your personal information with such contractors. When another company other than KYP collects and holds your personal information, KYP will let you know first. If you do not want to share your information, you can do it by not using services that require information sharing.

  7. 7. Technical and Systematic Means to Protect Personal Information

    KYP employs firewalls to protect your information from computer viruses. Vaccine programs on the firewall are updated regularly. When a sudden virus outbreak takes place, KYP applies a counter vaccine as soon as available. Also, with the invasion detection systems installed on each server, KYP protects your information around the clock. By backing up systems and data, KYP is taking all necessary measures to protect your information under any situations.

    Only a limited number of staff can handle your personal information and such personnel takes regular training to raise their awareness about the importance of protecting personal information. Also, the auditing committee checks how strictly KYP’s staff abides by this policy and KYP responds as quickly as possible when a problem is spotted.

  8. 8. Use of Cookies

    To provide better, more useful and helpful services for you, KYP uses cookies to identify you and find out your account. The cookie is set when you subscribe to KYP first or sign in on KYP, and is modified when you sign out form KYP.

  9. 9. Installation/Operation of Cookies and Refusal to Cookies

    You can decide whether cookies are allowed on your computer or not. Therefore, by selecting options of your web browser, you can allow all cookies, check whenever cookies are installed or refuse all cookies.

    You can change setting for cookies by selecting options of your web browser. You can allow all cookies, check whenever cookies are installed or refuse all cookies.

    Example (on Internet Explorer): Tools > Internet Option > Personal Information However, if you refuse cookies, you have difficulty in using some of KYP’s services that require login.

  10. 10. Record File

    Korea Yellow Pages uses IP addresses to collect information needed to manage systems, analyze users’ pattern, trace sites and conduct statistics.

  11. 11. Change of Privacy Policy

    KYP can change the privacy policy. Whenever a major change takes place, KYP will post it on the web site.

  12. 12. User’s Right, Legal Representative’s Right and How to Exercise Such Rights

    You and your legal representative can view your or legal representative’s registered personal information any time and can request unsubscription.

    To view or modify your information, click “Unsubscription.” Then, the identification process will start. After the process, you can view, modify your information or unsubscribe. Or if you directly contact us by mail, phone or e-mail, KYP will respond to your request without delay.

    When you request KYP to correct errors on your personal information, KYP does not use or provide your information until correction is made. Also, when wrong information is already provided for a third party, KYP will inform such third party of corrected information without delay.

    For personal information deleted by your or legal representative’s request, KYP will process it according to the privacy policy and ensure it will not be viewed or used.

  13. 13. Claims Related to Personal Information

    You can check or modify your personal information anytime and anywhere, and can request for unsubscription. You can check or modify your personal information on My Yellowpage and can unsubscribe through the customer support center.

    KYP welcomes your opinion about KYP’s privacy policy or service. If you have anything to say about the privacy policy, feel free to contact the customer support center. KYP will respond to your claim as quickly as possible.