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Company Overview

Korea Yellow Pages(KYP) has integrated overseas marketing solutions based on a perfect
combination of online and offline services.

Offline Service - Publishing and Distribution of the Korea Yellow Page Directory Book
In 1983, KYP published the world famous product promotion book, Korea Yellow Page to help Korea small and medi-um sized companies to attract buyers all around the world. Also, KYP uses Yellow Pages networks in 160 countries and Yellow Pages distribution agents in 40 countries to enable small and medium-sized companies to benefit from interna-tional exhibitions and have an actual increase in overseas sales.
Distribution of Korea Yellow Page Directory Book
  1. 1. Overseas
    • Yellow Pages Networks in 160 Countries: 20,000 copies/year
    • Distribution Agents in 40 Countries: 10,000 copies/year
    • International Exhibitions: 5,000 copies/year
    • Overseas Export Centers and Embassies: 3,000 copies/year
    • Others: 1,000 copies/year
  2. 2. In Korea
    • High Class Hotels and Business Centers: 10,000 copies/year
    • Buyer Invitations:1,000 copies/year
    • Commercial Centers and Embassies: 1,000 copies/year
    • Others: 500 copies/year
Online Service - Global B2B e-Trade Marketplace ( Management

Based on know-how on offline promotion accumulated for many years, KYP (Korea Yellow Pages) started English e-trade promotion service to cope with fast changing international trade environments and to help small and medium sized companies to enter the world market.

KYP global market place is a trade market on the Internet that enables companies to promote their products and find trade partners with ease. There are reliable buyers and sellers discovered with Yellow Pages Networks in 160 countries and thousands of inquires are exchanged over KYP global market place.

KYP will help trade companies to find answers to overseas marketing by carrying out various projects to satisfy their needs. KYP promises you to do its best to create values for both buyers and suppliers by realizing easy and fast trade processes.